Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

When Did We start

September 23, 1993 saw the founding of Mannys Guns. The three gun collectors start offering discounted prices on firearms at gun fairs all around the country.

How We're Going

At the moment, 100,000 catalogs including military surplus, firearm gear, and accessory goods are being mailed out by Mannys Guns at a time.

About Mannys Guns

Many people are curious about the origin of the moniker Mannys Guns. Over the years, a businessman who sold firearms for a discount built a loyal clientele. One of these attendees from West Texas remarked, “You sell your goods like a Mannys Guns dealer!” during one of these performances. The entrepreneur kept thinking about this customer’s response as the years went by since he had a plan to grow his company by using direct mail to connect with more clients. When the direct mail company was established in 1993 and in need of a name, the businessman remembered the remark made by the West Texas customer and decided this would be a fantastic name for the company.

Mannys Guns was founded in 1993 and released its first catalog of shooting and outdoor equipment in 1994. In 1999, the era of online buying began, and Mannys Guns was the first business in the sector to seize the opportunity and launch a website for online purchases. Yes, it was different from what it is now, but it still gave customers the freedom to shop whenever it was convenient for them, reducing the need to call and place an order over the phone. This tiny mail order company turned into a leading online store providing goods that catered to shooting and outdoor enthusiasts as the company continued to grow and expand.

Today, Mannys Guns has a large, vivacious staff working for them in Texas. The group is focused on giving our clients outstanding service and the goods they require and desire at the most competitive price.

Why buy firearms from Mannys Guns? Our subject matter specialists will help you with all of your inquiries and provide you with exceptional customer service, competitive market pricing, and lightning-fast shipping. Through intensive marketing efforts, such as the annual delivery of millions of catalogs and the monthly influx of millions of visitors to our website, Mannys Guns has become a household name. With hundreds of thousands of items in stock and available for rapid shipping, the variety of products offered spans several categories.

Unlicensed Firearms! More than just an online store, America’s Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter serves as a forum for enthusiasts to talk about news, products, and other topics. First-time purchasers can make informed selections about their purchases thanks to shared information and skilled staff. Our knowledge of the business, quick response to market changes, swift shipping, and top-notch customer service define our expertise.